WhatsApp Message Parser

WhatsApp Message Parser:
A free online utility to preserve your messages from WhatsApp Messenger.

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So you have exported your WhatsApp chat history and get this really long text file. Now you are looking for ways to somehow process and format this huge amount of text. Perheps you only want to separate the message of a single person and save those data in a separate file. Well, fret no more, cause we have bring a solution to all of these problems!

Rest assure, we will not keep any of your data, we will only format and sort them into files of your choice for your own convenience!


This free online WhatsApp Message parser allows you to save and backup your messages as a CSV. Excel of PDF formated file, ensuring preservation for later usage.

  1. Export your chat history from your WhatsApp Messenger. If you face any kind of difficulties, please follow the more detailed graphical instructions provided below of this page.
  2. If you want a portion of chat history from your WhatsApp Messenger, you can select and copy them as well.
  3. Once the message has been paste in the input field, make sure to get rid of excessive white space.
  4. Start each conversation from an individual participant in a new line from the left side of the input box.
  5. After properly arranging the message in the input box, click the Export to Table / CSV File button to view the data in tabular format.
  6. Above the detailed table, there is a Copy button, which can be used to copy the texts with the tabular format.
  7. You can export the texts in CSV, Excel or PDF Format using the buttons marked as CSV, Excel, PDF respectively.
  8. There is also the option of printing, available by clicking the Print button.

Guideline of using WhatsApp Message Parser : Step by step procedure

1. To export your WhatsApp chat history from your mobile, you need to go to Menu > More > Email Chat and send it to your email address selecting the option "Without media". In your email inbox, you will find a text file with all of your chat history. Download and open the file, then select all the texts. Go to WhatsApp Parser then paste the texts in the input box of the application.

2. If you want to process a limited text from your mobile, you can copy the texts, and then paste the texts in the input box of the application. To copy a particular text press long on the text , a dark cyan colored selection box will appear on top bar. Select more text, and then click on the copy button.

3. If you are using WhatsApp Web from personal Computer, you can similarly copy the text, then paste it in the input box of the application for processing.

5. After successfully paste the text, start processing by clicking the Export to Table / CSV File button. The data will be shown in a tabular format, where you can search for the message for any individual. You can copy these data, or export them in a CSV, Excel or PDF file using the respective button. There is also printing option available.